Travel safe with Citann

Travel safe with Citann

'New normal' seems to be the new norm that we have to live with. Though social distance and lockdown keep us away, the nomad spirit has never been put out.
Let’s think of a brighter future where we are all free to roam, wander, and discover again. Those days will come, and it’s time to picture it.

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Shall we fancy a sunny day back-floating in Loch Ard, barbecuing at Cilrath Wood Campsite, and cheering with our long-time-no-see fellows?
Just this time, your inseparable buddy in the backpack is the face covering, followed by safety glasses and sanitizer. Those items are to keep you safe while the world is healing.

What you need now is a Citann face covering.

Featuring Britain’s most advanced filtration technology, Citann face coverings provide unparalleled protection. It has the ability to filter up to 99% of dust and pathogens. All face coverings follow N95, BFE99, PFE99 tests and are certified by Nelson labs. These face coverings come with a set of 2 filter replacements, allowing more time of use.
Citann inspects the fabric thoughtfully to make sure it doesn’t cause skin irritation while providing the ultimate comfort.
The adjustable earloops render an adaptive fit, making the face coverings suitable for any face.

Citann face coverings feature a state-of-the-art design with a range of solid colors and patterns in the collections.
The concept is timeless and minimal, promising a distinctive touch to your layout.

Getting on a trip with Citann face coverings makes you a unique yet greater traveler. Are you ready to make a statement?