Embrace nature and the balance

With eco-friendly materials featuring a lightweight structure, Citann sunglasses have created balance and simplicity for your everyday aesthetics - "A taste of classic nature style that goes beyond time."

our focus

Eco-Friendly materials

When it comes to materials for sunglasses, eco-acetate and bamboo are preferred for they are environment-friendly and renewable. These kinds of materials are naturally lightweight and durable.
. Our Eco-Acetate is made from renewable resources wood pulp & cotton fiber. Eco-Acetate is recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.
. Ebony bamboo is totally environmentally friendly, comfortable, skin-friendly and long-lasting.

Citann believes using these materials allows sunglasses to be even more comfortable to rest on your face all day long.

New Lens Technology

polarized 7-layer lenses provide UV protection

Timeless design

Classic style

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